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For kids
Karting school
  • 5 lessons lasting 1.5 hours
  • Theory + practice
  • Last meeting is a mini race
Children who are 130-140 cm (+/-5 cm) tall
  • SODI LR5 go-karts, 4.5 HP
  • they come with safety belts and safety guards
  • rides available during our opening hours along with the SODI SR5, 6.5 HP go-karts (for adults)
  • and during special hours for child drivers only
  • Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • advance reservation only

- to make a reservation, you must provide the exact height of the child
- before the ride, we may check the child’s
height to pick the right go-kart
- an adult guardian or caregiver must each time sign a consent for the child

Race-style birthday
  • for children who are at least 130 cm tall
  • 1-hour exclusive use of the track + 1 hour in the VIP room (a total of 2 hours)
  • up to 9 go-karts (helmets, balaclavas)

If you’d like us to make any adjustments, let us know by calling:

509 557 327